Blackbeard’s Crew

Blackbeard’s Festival

Ahoy to all in our piratical family,
The Blackbeard’s Crew along with our city of Hampton partners has started gearing up for the 2017 Hampton Blackbeard Pirate Festival. The 2017 Festival will be truly phenomenal and as in past years will be the finest piratical event anywhere. In 2017 we will also be gearing up towards the celebration of the 300th anniversary of our dear departed Capt. Edward Teach’s demise that occurred on November 22, 1718.
This year once again we are looking at an incredible piratical family reunion having some of the very best living history piratical groups and entertainers in the country. Many of which have been in attendance throughout the history of the festival. We are also always looking for quality new acts to keep our Festival heading in the right direction. What separates Hampton from many other events is our dedication to quality and accuracy and an overwhelming desire to continue the growth of the festival.
Attendance estimates compiled by the city of Hampton for the 2016 Festival was in the area of 65,000 visitors for the Blackbeard Festival weekend. We had over 150 piratical reenactors and the collection of very high quality period vendors. In addition to the spectacular number of visitors and participating Pirates every one made it home from the festival with all their fingers and toes making Hampton one of the safest venues anywhere for both participants and visitors.
Even given last year’s success we plan on adding to and improving the festival in 2017. Even though much of the planning for 2017 is in the beginning stages the Pirates Grand Ball will be spiced up considerably as we are planning to have some of the finest and most loved piratical musical groups in the business performing. I think all will be highly pleased and excited when the entertainment lineup for the Grand Ball is announced.
For 2017 once again we will have the finest fireworks display anywhere and once again we will have a grand sea battle in addition to a number of on the water skirmishes between Pirates, merchant vessels and of course Royal Navy and militia groups. Let’s not forget about the artillery. We will again have much cannon fire down at Battery Point. There will be excitement, food & music for everyone. For those who are responsible and of proper age libations as well. We are and will always be a very family and children friendly event.
So for those who have supported us in the past we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and look forward to working with many of you once again so start submitting your proposals at your earliest convenience. As we are always looking to improve and expand other interested living history groups and entertainment groups please feel free to submit your information as well. For everyone’s convenience a single e-mail address has been created so that the information can be disseminated to the Blackbeard’s Crew committee members with a single click of the mouse or touchpad.
Constable Heartless, Capt. of Blackbeard’s Crew